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Kinesiology Taping


Kinesio taping method was found to help in the healing of traumatised tissue and muscles. Unlike traditional taping techniques such as athletic taping and strapping, Kinesio taping supports the muscles and joints without reducing range of motion and supports the fascia. It also has benefits for the lymphatic system.


*  Provides support for weak or injuried muscles without affecting the normal range of movement. This allows full      participation in therapeutic exercise and Sports training and minimises the risk of developing compensatory            imbalance or injuries

* Activates muscles that have been weakened after injury or surgery, improving the quality of contractions and           speeding up the recovery process

* Stabilises the area without restricting the movement

* Relaxes and can offload overused and overstrained muscles

* Accelerates blood flow to the injuried area to speed up the healing process

* Helps to reduce pain

* Reduces oedema by removing of lymphatic fluid

* Can enhance athletic performance and endurance

* Corrects postural imbalance and improves the range of movement

* Inhibits muscles that are tight fatigued or overused and allows them to relax

* Helps prevent injury

* Psychological benefits as well as a placebo effect

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