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What to expect from first treatment

When you attend your first treatment there will be a consultation and then massage. During the consultation you will be asked your current and relevant medical history, your muscle and body alignment is checked for muscle imbalances and postural problems through special tests.

The sports massage treatment may involve a firmer massage compared to aromatherapy massage depending on the problem, with often other techniques in addition to massage such as PNF stretches, resisted movements, Acupuncture and Kinesiology taping which is optional. This will help promote flexibility and a greater range of movement for the muscles. Deep static pressure may be used to target localised tension.

  • What should i wear for massage?
    Wear loose, comfortable clothing (shorts) and underwear. Your modesty will be covered at all times and you will draped with a towel to protect any clothes from oil used.
  • Does Sports massage hurt?
    Some forms of massage are very superfical and can be very relaxing. A sports massage is applied deeper to manipulate muscle tissue more affectively. This can induce a deeper relaxation although at the time some techniques may border on the uncomfortable. However during the treatment the sports massage therapist will ask how the pressure is and gauge how the client reacts to deeper techniques in certain areas.
  • Does Medical Acupuncture hurt?
    The location of the point selected, the nature of the problem, the patients size and age will determine how deep the needles go. The needle size ranges from one to one and a half inches. When having the acupuncture you may feel some cramping, heaviness, tingling or electrical sensation either around the needle or travelling along the energy pathway. The pain level is considered mild with Acupuncture
  • What if i am unsuitable for massage?
    If the therapist believes that you have a contrainication then you will be given advice depending upon the contrainication. This may mean a referral to another healthcare professional for furture treatment or advice before representing for a sports massage. The therapist reserves the right to rufuse massage if they believe it is unsafe to do so.
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