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Veronica Mowatt has been in the Health and Fitness industry for 23 years working as a gym instructor, personal trainer, fitness class instructor, swimming coach and now as a sports massage therapist. She studied sports massage and obtained her diploma through premier training and has since then qualified in medical acupuncture and Kinesiology taping.

As a therapist she deals with injuries, muscle imbalances and postural body alignment problems. Through massage, PNF stretching and with a resistance programme to get clients back to full fitness.

Because of her long involvement in the fitness industry she has a deep understanding of all aspects of physical training and will implement the best remedial programme for you to get you back to the gym as soon as possible!

  • Level 3 - Premier Training Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy

  • OMT - Medical Acupuncture

  • John Gibbons - Kinesiology Taping 

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